The Fourth of July


I know its been a while since the Fourth of July, but July has been a bit of a blur for me. (More on that later). Here are a few more snippets from our holiday weekend. We spent the weekend in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, which is about an hour north of Chicago, on Lake Michigan. The sky there is so blue, and the lake is so big, and so clear, it looks turquoise. It really is such a lovely place.



Whenever we go to the lake, we spend quite a bit of time out on on the water doing fun things like kayaking, paddle boarding, and boating. The water is pretty much always freezing though, so swimming isn’t something that happens often. The only time I remember the water actually being nice was when it was well above 100 degrees outside.

A highlight of the weekend was our salmon fishing adventure that I wrote about back here.

One of the weekend’s particularly funny moments came when we were putting the kayaks back in the “Surf Shack.” Grant wanted to be the big strong man and carry the kayak up by himself…And me, being the risk-averse, worrier that I am, told him to “be careful.” Then I thought it would be fun to take a picture of the moment. So there I am, the devoted, caring fiance, walking backwards, taking photos, and bam! I fall backwards over that giant stump you see in the picture of me laying on the ground. Although my leg was pretty scratched up, I think my ego took the bigger hit.


My Dad loves taking us out on the boat. I’m pretty sure it’s his favorite thing to do out at the lake. There was plenty of action going on that weekend with so many people down by the water for the holiday.




Check out that guy flying above the water. I think he is the owner of a business that takes people out on the water to do that. He was really good at that thing. I would get SO tired trying to maintain my balance with that water pushing me up all the time. He was out there for a long time…

Another highlight of a trip to the lake is a fire. I just love sitting out by the fire, watching the sunset, listening to the fire crackle, and maybe even roasting a few marshmallows. If only they would make a thinner piece of Hershey’s chocolate… Isn’t the sky beautiful?




Finally, what would a trip to Wisconsin be without a stop for some cheese? There is this gigantic, castle-like building pretty close to where the lake house is that is always so fun to stop at. They sell lots of different kinds of cheese and a bunch of other fun stuff. We got some cheese curds (for Grant) and probably the best root beer i’ve ever had.


Has it ever oc-curd to you…? #Grantjokes


We hope you all had a happy Fourth of July as well!




all the fish in the sea…

Were hiding…they were all hiding. Our dreams of filling our cooler with Salmon didn’t quite come true, but we still had such a fun time.

Backing up a bit…the day after the Fourth of July, we were fortunate enough to set out on a fishing charter on Lake Michigan to learn a thing or two about deep sea fishing (or at least my dad planned to learn a thing or two) and hopefully catch a bunch of fish. I should say it was really only a few hours after the Fourth of July. There was no firework-watching on this year because we were in bed. Our boat departed at 4:30 a.m., meaning the 3:45 a.m. wake up came rather early. The plus side of getting up in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?? The most beautiful sunrise on a smooth-as-glass lake. IMG_4586 IMG_4588 IMG_4590 IMG_4593 Before the sun even came up though we had a bite on one of the lines! Grant was the first to step up to the plate, and he reeled in a nice looking King Salmon. IMG_4600IMG_4645 Then it was my turn…goodness…that was a bit challenging, to say the least. The lines are out SO far. It felt like I would never actually reel it in, and then when it finally got close to the boat, it was still so heavy. But, somehow I managed (probably with the help of that long net) to get that fish into the boat! and it was another King Salmon. IMG_4644 By the time I reeled in a fish the sun had come up, and I think our hopes of an overflowing cooler diminished a bit. (The fishermen in the group informed me that the best time to get the fish is just before the sun comes up. Apparently they’re hungry and aggressive at that time.) Despite the sun being up, our group got two more. IMG_4623 IMG_4628 One for each of us! Don’t we look like professionals? fishing 7-5 Yes, that’s right. Mine was the biggest. *Side note, I am the furthest thing from a real fisherman/woman/person…whatever you want to call it. I just got lucky reeling in the line with the biggest fish on it. Although I very much enjoy the boating and the reeling it in part, sticking my finger in that fish’s gill to hold it was up so gross. I tried so hard to tell myself it wasn’t gross, but I just could not play it cool. Let’s go ahead and check out that look on my face again… IMG_4644 It was such a lovely morning out on the boat. Lake Michigan is so so big, it feels like you’re out on the ocean. At one point, we were far enough out that you couldn’t see land in any direction. The water was so calm and so peaceful. The beauty of that sunrise was far better than any fireworks we could have seen if we would have stayed awake for them and absolutely worth the early wake up. IMG_4615 I’d like to end this one on a sappy/cheesy note:

Of all the fish in the sea…he is the only one for me.

I just love him.

IMG_4621 Love, Granttany (Grant + Brittany)

And so it begins…



We are thrilled. So very excited. And so very grateful. It’s been a whirlwind. We feel so loved. We are so grateful for our always supportive and generous families and our wonderful friends. It has been so much fun to share our excitement with those we love so much. Here’s to the newest and most wonderful beginning.


Granttany (Grant + Brittany)