Lucky Ducks


Earlier this month we had the opportunity to go to the ALL STAR GAME which was being held in Minneapolis.  It was an exciting few days in Minneapolis. All of a sudden there were tourists all over down town, police at every corner, and far more excitement in the air than usual. The days leading up to the game brought with them some rare opportunities…


Like sneaking away from spreadsheets for a few minutes to say hey to Bullseye.

pic Mack ASG

And strolling along the red carpet that covered the pavement on Nicollet Avenue. (Seriously, it was actually red carpet, for the length of many city blocks) That’s my sister Mackenzie, isn’t she pretty?

We had such great seats, in the left field bleachers, just above the field. We were so close to the players, this guy in front of us actually got Harry Trout (from the LAA Angels, who was playing in the outfield) to turn around and acknowledge his incessant cheers.


Naturally, we ate some pretty delicious food, none of which I remembered to take a photo of…But, let me just say that the nachos in the plastic helmet and bucket (it was a small-ish bucket) of mini donuts were delicious and perfectly complimented by the root beer Grant found for us.

I was pretty impressed with this photo I snuck during the fly-over at the end of the National Anthem.


It was so fun to spend some time with Gerard and Mackenzie. Thank you both for driving all that way to hang out with us.

All Star Game

We even got to catch up with Gerard’s brother, Gary and his wife and son who we haven’t seen in FOREVER and Gerard’s sister Gayle and her husband Dan, and some other long-time friends from North Dakota. (Of course, I didn’t get a photo…)

But, I did get a photo of us before the night was over.



It was a lovely evening in Minneapolis to spend some time with family and enjoy the excitement of the All Star Game.



Did you see us on T.V.?


(Just kidding, we weren’t on t.v.)


2 thoughts on “Lucky Ducks

  1. You are lucky ducks to go to the baseball game and to go fishing. We didn’t catch any fish when we went fishing and grandma got lots of mud on her pant bottom.
    Kenzie, Logan, and Jaws
    P.S. Grandpa gave Joelle the nickname ‘Jaws’.


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