Toilet Paper

Yes, toilet paper.

Here’s a fun fact: Grant has provided all of my toilet paper since we started dating. I think the story is fun and worth recording for future reminiscing.

Two weeks after we went on our first date, my mom and step-dad were in Minneapolis for a short visit. My mom asked if Grant would be interested in having dinner with us. Grant, being the sweet, wonderful person that he is, said he would be happy to, despite the fact that we had really only been on a few dates, and definitely hadn’t done any defining the relationship (DTR-ing) at that point. So, we all met up for a nice, casual, no-pressure dinner, (or so I kept telling myself) and the conversation turned to toilet paper. How, you ask? Well, my mom commented that she was surprised by the seemingly low quality of the toilet paper in my apartment. I responded with some shock. I actually thought that the Costco toilet paper was quite a steal given the price to quality ratio. We then started talking about toilet paper. (And I am internally kind of freaking out. I had no idea what Grant was thinking, but he seemed to be enjoying the conversation.) The dinner ended on a pleasant note, and Grant left saying how nice and easy-going he thought they were. Phew…

So, the following week, we had a date planned, and he told me he got me a “present.” I had no idea what it was, but he seemed to be pretty giddy about whatever he had in his bag as we walked to my apartment. Once we got inside, he pulled out a lovely bouquet of flowers and…you guessed it…toilet paper. High quality toilet paper. It was adorable.


A couple of months later, my birthday rolled around, and Grant seemed to once again be pretty excited about the gifts he had picked out for me. I remember telling my mom how giddy he seemed about my birthday gifts, and she suggested, “maybe he got you toilet paper?” To which I responded, “that would be great actually, I’m almost out.” So, once it was time to open my gifts, guess what I found?!…

IMG_4172 IMG_4174

Toilet paper!!

Finally, I recently made a comment to Grant about how he had provided my toilet paper since we started dating, and I didn’t know what to do because I was almost out. I should have known better. A few days later he showed up to my apartment with just enough toilet paper to last until…we get married.

Yep…that’s happening soon.We are pretty excited.


Isn’t he the sweetest? 😉

Moral of the story, we have fun together, and he is so good at taking care of me.

I wonder what kind of toilet paper we will buy once we share a home?

One thought on “Toilet Paper

  1. Two more toilet papers until you get married! That is so great! Funny, The quality of my toilet paper went up vastly when I got married. I’ll never go back!


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