Bridal Showered

I know I have already said this before, but I really have the nicest, most wonderful friends. In early August, they decided to throw a bridal shower for me. I have to admit that I was secretly hoping that I would somehow get out of the bridal shower-thing. The idea of throwing a party just for me just feels a bit awkward and then to top it off, people buying me gifts just because I accepted a beautiful ring and agreed to marry the most wonderful man in the world? It just all felt a bit weird, but I went with it, and i’m glad it did. It was such a fun evening.

It was so lovely: plush, fragrant flowers in soft, beautiful colors, my most favorite cookies (french macarons…they were amazing), and gigantic photos of Grant and me. (That part was actually a little uncomfortable…)

IMG_5040 IMG_5190


They surprised me with a video interview of Grant. He was asked questions about me, or us, such as, “what is her favorite ice cream?” or “how many kids?” and I had to answer before we could watch him answer. I absolutely loved it. Watching Grant was so fun. I thought for sure I would get all of them wrong, but I think we shocked everyone (including me) with how much our answers matched up.

IMG_1021 IMG_5046

Of course, what would a gathering of my friends be without a few selfies…

IMG_1047 IMG_5051 IMG_5195 IMG_5048

And a group shot… (we lost a few before we took this though)


Thank you, my sweet, lovely, wonderful friends!!

3 thoughts on “Bridal Showered

  1. What a fun game for a shower; putting you on the spot. Guess those long drives to visit your father and step-mother paid off.


    • Yes! that’s exactly what we said! we realized that we had talked about nearly all the things they asked while we were traveling in the car. Thank you for reading! I’m a little bit shocked that anyone is still sticking with the blog at this point.


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