Bridal Showered…Again


After the shower in July, I thought I was in the clear. I was so wrong, but i’m so glad I was.

When I was in North Dakota in August, my sweet family surprised me like i’ve never been surprised before. What I thought was a trip to my Grandma’s house to try on my dress that she was hemming turned into a surprise bridal shower. I was so so so surprised. I remember walking into the house with my head down, looking at something on the floor, and when I looked up, I saw Kelsey and Megan, friends from high school, in my Grandma’s kitchen. Immediate reaction: what in the world? A quick glance around the room revealed 10 other dear friends and family members. As I took in the sight of sweet, smiling friends, lovely decorations in my wedding colors, and delicious desserts out on the table, this little voice in my head whispered, “They are all here for you. All this is for you.” I was a little bit overwhelmed with emotion. It was just so sweet and so thoughtful, and I was SO surprised.

shower 3

shower 4

It was such a fun time. I learned that my aunt, sisters, grandma and mom managed to plan it, make the decorations, make the food, and round up all the guests in THREE days. They did such an amazing job making it beautiful and special.

Shower 1

shower 6

shower 10

shower 7







shower 8

And even better than the surprise and those knock-your-socks-off-delicious macarons was seeing so many people from days gone by. Wonderful people who I love very much, but just don’t get to see often enough.






Thank you to everyone who made it such a fun, wonderful, and joyful surprise!

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