Our $$$$$ view

I’m pretty sure at least once each week, one of us comments that we pay too much for our apartment. Usually the comment comes in a moment where we find ourselves away from the noise of downtown, soaking in the blissful quiet and openness of the suburbs or somewhere much further from the city. It’s become sort of a routine. We ask ourselves, “why we are paying so much to live where we do?” To which one of us (usually me) invariably responds with the same lines about it being so convenient to work and so nice that we don’t have to commute and that our commute is a 15 minute walk. And for the most part, that argument holds true. We are both SO grateful that we do not have to spend any amount of time sitting in traffic on the interstate, especially on those long work days that go far into the evening… And when compared to our other downtown living options, not only was this place less-expensive, but also just more awesome.

There are some features of our little apartment that we really love. We’ve realized how much it has “forced us” to get used to being around each other so often. We’ve learned how to be together but still do our own thing when we need to. We can walk to Target or Lunds to get groceries or whatever else wee need. It is super-close to the interstate when we need to go somewhere. We have a great park across the street where we can go play tennis (and Grant can try once again to avenge his most recent loss). We have some really awesome neighbors who live in our same building just three floors down. That has made for some fun, easy friday/saturday night game nights. Also, they have cable, so we may or may not have watched a few BYU games with them…

In addition to all those fun little things, i’m pretty sure one of the best, if not the best things about our apartment is our view. It’s pretty much amazing, like incredible. Living on one of the highest levels in the building puts us far above the treetops and all the other buildings we look towards. It was so so beautiful in the past few weeks with the leaves changing. Also, we overlook this huge, amazing Catholic Basilica.  It kind of looks like a rotunda of a state capitol at first glance. It’s just such an amazing view. I even caught the Comcast guy sneaking a photo of the view when he was here to install our internet.


(Our half-living room, pre-furniture)


And then there’s the sunset view… We face the west which means that we get to see the sunset pretty much every night. Some nights are “oh, that’s lovely,” and some nights are, “OH MY GOSH, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND LOOK AT THIS.” And they just keep changing and getting better as the minutes pass. My iphone doesn’t really do them justice, but it’s the best I can do. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.







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