The Apple of My Eye



This handsome man.

Ok…you know we can’t resist a good pun. Perhaps it’s more like Grant can’t resist a good pun, and with how excited he gets when one of us comes up with a really good pun…I also now cannot resist a good pun. I absolutely blame Grant entirely for that.

Back before we we forced to embrace this constant snow falling from the sky, we had a wonderful day away from downtown at an apple orchard. We had been planning to go all week. I think we were both pretty excited for it, which I was really happy about. It wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun if I would have felt like I was dragging Grant along on this little adventure. He really is so good to me.

The orchard was really lovely. The first thing we checked out once we arrived was this apple slingshot thing. Sadly though, I didn’t take a picture. We also didn’t try it, but it looked like fun. There was a huge crate of sad-looking apples that you would put into the slingshot and shoot at a box about 50 yards away in the middle of a big open area. No one seemed to be getting it into the box, but every time someone would get close a loud, excited gasp would come from the spectators.

After we had had enough of the apple slingshot, we decided to venture out to the orchards with everyone to pick some apples. Check out our chariot:


We rode on benches that were on top of a big trailer attached to the back of that sweet red tractor. Grant was totally into the tractor. He kept pointing out the different mechanical parts and commenting on how cool they were. Naturally, I had no idea what he was talking about, so I just nodded.

There were different stops on the “trip” way out to the orchards. (The orchards were totally within walking distance from where we started. I think the tractor was more of an attraction than anything) You could choose where to get off depending on which type of apples you wanted to pick.


After we got off the tractor, we began wandering through the rows of trees, sampling the different types of apples, and then using the bad-looking apples for target practice. I wasn’t so good at hitting the targets, but Grant was pretty precise in his aim. I wondered how exactly he got so good…



I was a little bit shocked by how many apples had fallen off the trees and would never end up in a lunchbox or a delicious pie.


After extensive apple sampling and target practice, we checked out the petting zoo. This guy was hoping we had brought back some apples for him.


And the apple cleaning and packing facility. Kind of fun.IMG_6083

And of course, what would a trip to the apple orchard be without a delicious apple treat? There were definitely some battles with the spoons over who would get more bites out of this delicious apple treat. I can’t really remember what it was, some sort of apple turnover with caramel and vanilla icing. We just couldn’t quite get enough of it.


What a fun day at the apple orchard it was! I must admit, I was actually a little surprised by how much I enjoyed it. But then again, everything seems to be more fun with this handsome guy.


Even though he hates it when I make him take 48,529,329 pictures…


I think we will for sure plan another trip to an apple orchard next year.


One thought on “The Apple of My Eye

  1. We hope that when we visit an apple orchard is available. Then Grant and Gary can ‘OOOH and AAAH’ over the tractor together. Gary’s hoping for a delicious dessert, too.


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