If the shoe fits


I’m pretty sure that shoe won’t fit anyone, ever. It was sure to fun to see it though!

One weekend while we were sitting at our table in our apartment, each doing our own thing, I could tell Grant was up to something. He just had that look on his face. Then he looked up from his iPad, and the notes he was making on the paper in front of him, and asked me if I wanted to go away next weekend. Of course I did! But he didn’t want to tell me where, and I totally loved that. I kind of really really really love fun, thoughtful surprises.

During the week, I tried to figure out where we were going. I figured it was somewhere not too far away, but I really had no idea. On Friday we both left work at 4:30 (I know, we are quite the risk-takers) and once we got in the car, he couldn’t contain himself anymore. He told me that we were going to a bed a breakfast just outside Redwing, Minnesota! I was so so excited. Since we had gotten married, we had been talking about how fun it would be to sneak away on the weekend to a cozy bed and breakfast. I couldn’t believe we were actually going to do it!

We arrived at the Hungry Point Inn just as the sun was setting. Oh my gosh…it was just so picturesque. It reminded me of something you would see in New England. There was a field in front of the house with a few sheep grazing, a hen house, and the house itself was the most amazing color of red. It stood out so beautifully from the still green grass and this incredible yellow tree in front of the house. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking






The interior of the house was decorated in a colonial theme, and when I say decorated, I mean, the house was filled with colonial-ish items. It was really interesting. The furniture, the knick knacks, everything seemed to have been selected with so much thought and care. It looked so amazing. Even the floor, oh my gosh, it was a hard wood floor, the floorboards were fairly wide planks that had a worn look and feel to them, and the nails looked just like nails from hundreds of years ago. Seriously, so cool. The room we stayed in was called the “George Washington Room.” Again, it had so many thoughtful details like the stencil pattern on the wall, the way the colors and patterns of the sheets, pillows, and bedding worked together, and the old instruments on top of the wardrobe.


When we arrived, were greeted by the sweetest woman who owned and managed the bed and breakfast. Her name was Merriam, and we loved getting to know her better. In the morning she made the most delicious breakfast. We had homemade caramel rolls that made me realize I can never ever try to make my own because they will never ever be as delicious as Merriam’s. Also, the eggs were fresh from her hens, and not surprisingly, they just tasted better. The decor of the dining room was probably more impressive than the rest of the house. (which is hard to believe) All these colonial looking home items: dishes, pots & pans, candles, baskets, a real loom (it was gigantic).

One of the best parts about our stay there was that somehow, we managed to be the only overnight guests, despite the fact that every single other bed and breakfast in Red Wing that Grant looked at was completely booked. Breakfast was just us and Merriam and her friend Larissa who joined us later. We had the nicest conversation with Merriam about her home and about how she found all the items to put in her home. When Larissa learned that we don’t drink wine, she immediately asked what church we go to which prompted a really great Gospel discussion.

We were planning on spending most of the day in Red Wing and the surrounding area, so Merriam and Larissa suggested some things for us to do. From there, we headed out on our next adventure, sad to leave the Hungry Point Inn, but with plan to return.



We absolutely loved downtown Red Wing. We checked out a farmer’s market, a really cool historic hotel, and a few fun shops.

IMG_6176 IMG_6153

The highlight though, was the Red Wing Shoe Co. headquarters (the pic immediately above) and the Red Wing Shoe Store. That’s where we found…THE WORLD’S LARGEST BOOT.


While were were inside, an employee oiled our shoes for us (because that’s just what they do for you at Red Wing Shoe Co.). We also checked out the museum where they showed you how the shoes are made and some of the history of the shoes, we didn’t buy anything, but it was really fun!


After that we left the Red Wing Shoe store to check out more of the surrounding area. Although many of the leaves had fallen off the trees, it was still a lovely drive. In fact, it was far more beautiful and enjoyable that I would have ever imagined. Merriam recommended we drive along the Great River Road and see Lake Pepin, which definitely did not disappoint.


And then we stopped at the Pelican Bakery (also one of Merriam’s recommendations) in one of the many, adorable little towns along the Great River Road. There we had the most delicious slice of raspberry sour cream pie.


Grant was also pretty thrilled that every motorcycle in Minnesota seemed to be out on the road with us as well. For some reason, I didn’t get any photos of that.

We had such a fun time at the Hungry Point Inn and in Red Wing. We can’t wait to go back!



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