We’re off to the (even more) frozen tundra

photo 1

Yep, it was snowing again on our way to work today. (And it’s STILL snowing 5 hours later)

We are spending our Thanksgiving holiday with my family in North Dakota. On our way to work this morning, Grant commented, “I can’t believe we are going even farther north.” I can’t say I disagree with him. Minneapolis is already enough of a frozen, snowy tundra. It’s a good thing the people (and my cute dogs) there make it worth it.

Roads permitting, we will leave this afternoon and arrive this evening. I’ve armed my iPhone with the North Dakota and Minnesota travel apps:

photo 3

photo 2

If the roads aren’t so good, we will stop along the way and get there in the morning. We’ve also got plenty of snacks, blankets, water, other supplies, and a shovel in case things get really bad.

But i’m sure we have nothing to worry about. Driving through Minnesota and North Dakota will be just like driving with the top down in Hawaii…

photo (1)

Happy Holiday Weekend!


3 thoughts on “We’re off to the (even more) frozen tundra

  1. We love the picture of the two feet of snow. And how did it all fall in exactly that shape? Stay warm and cozy and thanks for driving carefully with emergency supplies.


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