The time we ran down the up escalator

This actually happened. We went down an escalator that was going up. I thought it was funny then, and I still think it’s a pretty funny story now. Why would we do such a thing? Because I had to save my earring, of course.

It happened like this-

We got into the building where I work after another freezing cold walk to work. I took off my ear warmers, got on the escalator, and then realized my earring was gone. I can’t say that I was very surprised, given that one of these earrings falls off almost every single time I wear them, but until then, I had always been able to quickly find the lost earring in my scarf, hair, or somewhere very nearby. This time was different. The earring wasn’t anywhere, and I really bummed.

I knew that I had taken off the ear warmers right before I stepped on the escalator, so I thought there was a pretty good chance the earring came off there. If these would have been some inexpensive, $2 earrings from Target I would have just chalked it up as a loss for the day, but these were my favorite earrings, and they weren’t so cheap. I didn’t feel like being sad about losing them or spending the money to replace them. I had to try to find that earring.

At this point, it seems that any normal person would just take the escalator back down and look for the earring. The problem with that plan was that the down escalator was not only broken, but it didn’t even really exist. It was an empty hole with no steps. Also, there are no stairs near that escalator, so that wasn’t exactly an option either. Given the pickle I was in, I did what any normal person would do at 7:00 a.m. on a Tuesday morning: I ran down the up escalator to find my earring. Looking at the upward moving escalator from above, this seemed like no problem. It would be just like a treadmill, and there wasn’t anybody around case something went horribly wrong.


The scene of the crime. Notice the yellow thing blocking the down escalator. (on the left)


All these thoughts happened over the course of a few seconds. I remember looking at Grant and saying something like, “I’m going back down.” The look on his face said (1) I was crazy, (2) he didn’t think it was a great idea, and (3) he wanted to get to work. I covered myself by telling him he could totally go to work and I would continue the search. Now that I think about it though, I’m pretty sure if he would have taken his free pass and left his distraught wife alone with that escalator, he wouldn’t have made it very far because he wouldn’t have been able to look away from the sight of me going down the escalator. He opted to continue the search.

I took off down the escalator. Once I got on, I realized just how quickly I had to run down the upward-moving stairs. About halfway down, I could feel the sweat starting. I hesitated a few steps from the bottom only to have Grant push* me down the final few stairs. I can’t remember his reason for pushing me. I’m sure it was logical, but it’s sort of funny that he did it nonetheless. Neither of us fell, we actually got to the bottom without any injuries, and for what? Nothing. The earring wasn’t there. Now, I was super-bummed.

We took the ride of shame back up the escalator and eventually parted ways for the day. Once I got to my office, I very carefully searched my layers: the coat, the scarf, the cardigan, and low and behold…I FOUND THE EARRING.



Lesson learned. I’m switching out the backs on those earrings.

*Grant would like to clear his name. The “push” he gave me on the final few stairs was more of a necessary “gentle nudge” since my momentary pause had caused us to start moving back up the escalator.

2 thoughts on “The time we ran down the up escalator

  1. THE EARRING WAS SAVED!!! I’m sure Kate could have hooked you up with another pair! — mine were the same way! i traded out the backing to a normal backing. haha!


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