Christmas as the Borens

This was our first Christmas as the Borens! As I mentioned in the last post, we tried to make our first December a memorable one. We both love so much about the Christmas season and the spirit that is such a part of it, that we wanted to make the whole month as wonderful as possible. I think we did pretty well for our first attempt at it. IMG_6770 This year we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Illinois with my dad and Juliane. We had such a nice time while we were there. Our Christmas Eve was quiet with just the four of us. We had a delicious prime rib dinner and then watched some Christmas movies on TV: National Lampoon’s Christmas and Elf. Classics. Before we went to sleep we read the Christmas Story from Luke in the New Testament.

Christmas day was so so fun. We had a delicious breakfast of sticky buns and eggs and bacon to start the day, and then we opened our gifts. We were even good enough this year that Santa came! We both had so much fun with the stocking gifts. All the little items we (ahem…I mean, Santa) put in the stockings were very thoughtful. A few items that Santa brought Grant were socks, a ninja turtles cell phone case, jerky, pens he loved, a new toothbrush. Santa brought me some goggles for the gun range, cookies and cream chocolate, hawaiian chocolate treats, and a candy thermometer!


Our gifts for each other were quite a surprise for both of us. One of my favorite memories: we both got each other a Romney gift. I got him a Mitt Romney bobble head, and he got me an Ann Romney cookbook. I think we both thought we were pretty clever with the “Romney” gift, ha!

IMG_6774I also got completely spoiled by my sweet husband. Although I really love the beautiful watch I gave him, I sort of feel like it pales in comparison to what I found in my boxes: Le Creuset cookware! Not just the dutch oven that i’ve had my eye on for years, but also a few other pieces. I got SO spoiled.


We went to Juliane’s parent’s house for dinner later in the day. She has the nicest family. I always get excited when I get to see them. They’re just so nice and so fun to be around. Her parents put so much thought and effort into dinner and getting their home ready for Christmas, and it definitely shows. Her mom had two of the largest, most beautifully decorated trees. Dinner was amazing, and everything just looked so lovely. We had such a nice, wonderful Christmas.





We were even lucky enough to be able to spend a few extra days in Illinois. Although we had to work one day (boooo), we also spent far too much time watching various versions of House Hunters on HGTV, and generally just bingeing on watching cable t.v. We also got in a game night and some good time walking and playing fetch with two energetic dogs.



We left early on Sunday morning knowing that we would be packing the car in a few days time and heading in the opposite direction (west) for my sister’s wedding! We were so grateful for the time we had to just relax, enjoy, and be with family we love so much.


Enjoying the Christmas loot.

2 thoughts on “Christmas as the Borens

  1. Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us through pictures and words. We are glad that you feel so close to your family and showed love to them.


  2. It sounds like a wonderful Christmas. I’ve come to appreciate good cookware. I’ve got a pot that was my mother-in-laws whose wooden handle broke and I couldn’t get it fixed. I bought a good new pot, but it is not as thick as my old pot. What a beautiful Christmas dinner table. I’m always interested in new recipes if you find some good ones in the Ann Romney’s cookbook.


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