The most epic year in the history of ever.

2014 is one for the record books. It’s hard to imagine that another year could bring more change or more significant milestones, but I have a feeling I’ll be eating my words sooner than I anticipate. (No, I’m not hiding any secrets) 2014 was just so life changing and so memorable, and while I hope that we can settle in and slow down at least for a little while, I’m grateful for all the lessons-learned (and to-be-learned) that come with so much change. Without further rambling, the reasons why 2014 was quite a year:

We started dating. What a story that one is. I remember the week that passed between when he asked me out and when we went on our first date. I spent the week in total shock and disbelief. I’m still a little shocked (and very grateful) that I get to wake up next to him every morning even though he usually has the covers…

IMG_3724 pic orchestra

I graduated from law school.

Also, those caps are ridiculous.


Grant CONQUERED the GMAT. (He won’t admit it if you ask him though) He conquered it like he conquered that fish…only he spent about 1000x longer than he did with that fish. Ok, not really that much like that fish, but I don’t exactly have a photo of him studying. He is seriously amazing for all he did to conquer that exam though. For weeks months, he worked all day and then studied all evening. I’m really still not sure how we managed to find any time to “date.”


We got engaged. Whoa…


We went to Utah where I met 100 of Grant’s closest relatives. And fortunately, they’re all the nicest people and the world and super-forgiving of my inability to remember all their names while at the same time trying to remember 4,509,720 factoids for the impending bar exam.


I took the bar exam. It was pretty awful. Enough said.


We moved. and then we moved again.

(and we never ever want to move again)


We got MARRIED and became THE BORENS. Wha??

Brittany and Grant 090614 102

We went to Hawaii! Best vacation/honeymoon/idea/husband ever.


I started a real, grown-up job.


Grant killed it at work, got something like 12 promotions.

I will likely be tickled to death for writing this…


We were so incredibly blessed in 2014. Even more than these big, photo-worthy moments were the small moments that filled our hearts with joy, peace, and light. We are so grateful for the love, support, kindness, and generosity that made it a most memorable and special year for us. We are looking forward to the celebrations, challenges, and opportunities that 2015 will bring.

We are so grateful for the one thing we know will always be a constant in our lives: the love of our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ.

4 thoughts on “The most epic year in the history of ever.

  1. What a heartfelt and engaging recounting of a year brimming with miracles! Isn’t this about the time a year ago that you began dating?


  2. Yes, it has been an epic year! I enjoy reading your posts! I laughed when I saw your picture of your camping tent – nice and cozy from your post in the fall. We camped a little when we lived in the mid-west, Missouri One evening we thought it would be fun to sleep with the kids in our backyard. It rained so hard that night! I think our tent partially collapsed.


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