A glorious weekend

I really don’t want this weekend to end. I want to always remember this weekend. It was a weekend in the truest sense of the word, an end to a long week. Two days when we didn’t have to spend time with or even think about our jobs. It was so fun, so lovely, and just the best ever.

I’ve been working a lot a lot the past few weeks. This weekend was the first in a while when I could actually decide not to work at all. (I’m sure I’ll have at least one panic-attack tomorrow when I actually try to get everything accomplished that needs to get done, but i’m going to decide now that it’s worth the trade-off.)

So, my husband is the best-ever, and he was so sweet in making this such a fun weekend for us.

We kicked off the weekend with our weekly date night. We had hoped to go to a most delicious rotisserie-type place, but the wait for a table was too long, so instead we tried the place across the street, Rusty Taco. We LOVED it: tacos, chips & queso, and sopapillas to finish it off. All for $20. We were so into the food, I didn’t even take one picture. Maybe next time. (there will for SURE be a next time)

Saturday was quite a day. We decided to break out our new jackets in honor of the occasion-


We went to my most favorite cafe-bakery for lunch, and we may have indulged a bit, but it was oh-so-good. I especially love this place because they make the most beautiful desserts I have ever seen. We picked up one for dessert later in the evening. I know Grant doesn’t love places like that as much as I do, but he was such a good sport through it all, and he absolutely MADE my day when he said, “I could see you opening a place like this.” That was all I needed to hear. Monday morning….I’m turning in my 2 weeks notice. Ok, maybe not…but I can dream.


This is the only picture of the lovely desserts I got. The case was getting pretty empty by the time we left. Also, that wood….amazing!

Then we did the craziest thing…something only amateurs/Twin Cities newbies would do….WE WENT TO THE MALL OF AMERICA ON A SATURDAY. We knew going into the who thing that we were being crazy people, but we pressed forward optimistically thinking it wouldn’t really be that bad. After spending 20 minutes looking for a parking spot in the two parking garages however, we decided to call it quits. That’s when we saw it…A PARKING SPOT. We decided that meant we should stay, did a short celebration dance in the car and went inside. We didn’t come out for a long time…I found some shoes for work, Grant got a sweet new jacket (or two), and we had my favorite frozen yogurt, Pink Berry.



Look at that smile! I couldn’t believe how much he loved the yogurt. (seriously) By this time we had been there far too long, and our legs were hurting. Time. To. Leave.


Also, I would have totally bought these shoes if they wouldn’t have cost so much. (yes, that’s a golf ball)

For dinner I made parmesan risotto with roasted shrimp. I have been wanting to make it for a few weeks, and I was so please that Grant loved it.


We finished off the night in our usual manner….(I love love love my new cookbook. Thank you Mom and Dad Boren for the Barnes and Noble gift card. Yes everyone, I read cookbooks)


Oh, and we FaceTimed with the Udys!! It’s so hard to catch them at a convenient time since they’re on the west coast, but it’s so fun when we get to catch up with them.

The goodness didn’t end on Saturday. Church on Sunday was lovely. We started giving a ride to a friend who lives downtown, and it was fun to get to know her better in the car ride. In the third hour, I felt so energized and so happy to talk with all the lovely sisters who were there. This is such a contrast from my usual introverted, I-just-want-to-be-alone-and-not-talk-to-anyone-anymore-because-I-am-all-talked-out. Later in the evening we had some friends from church over for dinner. Hopefully it’s the beginning of a lovely friendship. And then we talked with Mom and Dad Boren. (You two are wonderful), and I talked with my mom.

Such a lovely, glorious weekend. I so wish it didn’t have to end. In some ways it makes going to back to work even more difficult, but I also feel a bit more energized going into the week and excited for next weekend!

Have the best week!!

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