Catching up

I know I’ve got some serious catching up to do. I’m not really sure how I managed to get so far behind. “Busy” is not really my excuse. Sure we have plenty to keep us busy, but I have the same number of hours in my day that everyone else does, so that’s really not it. I recently read something along the lines of, “It’s not that you don’t have the time for something, it’s just that it’s not the priority that other things may be.” It got me thinking a lot about priorities and what mine are. I’m sure they will be constantly evolving, but I think the big ones will always be the same: my faith and relationship with God and Jesus Christ, my incredible husband, and our wonderful families. Everything else has its moment and place, but it’s hard to figure out exactly the right place sometimes.

I really really love this blog. I love that it allows us to share with our family and friends the details of our lives that don’t always come through in our phone conversations and not-frequent-enough interactions. I love that it allows us to document our lives in a way that will allow us to look back and remember these moments. I am so grateful for the kind words of praise and encouragement that have come to me because of this blog, some from friends and family I have never even had the pleasure of meeting. It really means so much. Thank you.

As I attempt to pull together a more cohesive recap of the past two months, here is a photo from our of recent adventure in North Carolina.


Thanks for being patient and sticking with us.

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