First Married Valentine’s Day

I don’t know if it was before or after we got married, but we both realized that getting married was giving us so many new beginnings and fresh starts: new apartment, new routines, new family members, and just so many new things to consider as we began building our own little family. I think one of our favorite parts of our new life together is the opportunity to start some new traditions. As Valentine’s Day approached, we started thinking about what we wanted to do. We are definitely not the go-out-to-a-fancy-restaurant kind of people (at least not on Valentine’s Day, anyway). I think we would rather save the fancy restaurant for what we think is a real occasion: a birthday, an anniversary, visiting family, an accomplishment to be celebrated, etc.

So…instead of the fancy restaurant, Grant  suggested we get a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphys! I was instantly on-board with the plan. Unfortunately for us, we live in the frozen tundra. Seriously though…I’m not sure if it got above zero more than a few days in February. It was SO cold. Valentine’s day was no exception. We went to church in the morning for a baptism, and then checked out the doughnut (or is it donut?) place across the street from church that we are always wondering about but never go to because we are only in the neighborhood on Sundays. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint.


Sorry, I couldn’t help taking a bite before remembering to take a photo. What can I say? I love doughnuts, especially donuts with sprinkles.

It was just too cold outside (think -40 degrees). I decided we were going to pick up the pizza while we were out (it was 11:00 am), and I wasn’t going outside again for the rest of the day. We were home by noon. Case closed. It ended up being a really wonderful day. I didn’t have to work. We went to the gym in our building, did some reading, and just had a nice day.

We were treated to another lovely sunset. (Sorry for the dirty windows)


Our pizza was delicious. It’s funny the things you notice as you get older though. The pizza tastes the same as it did when I was younger, but in my grown-up tastes (and likely skepticism), I questioned the authenticity of the “cheese” on the pizza.


And of course, what would a romantic holiday be without some Martinelli’s sparking cider, candlelight, and dinner on the living room floor?


I believe we ended the evening with a few rounds of Mario Kart. All of which Grant dominated, and I just barely finished above last. (I used to be so good at that game. Sigh…)

4 thoughts on “First Married Valentine’s Day

  1. Brittany, I think you would beat me at Mario Kart. When I play, Grant or Daniel go behind me to try to get the drivers coming up. We are usually on a team. It sounded like a lovely Valentine’s day. I remember we used to Jeno’s pizza for our family for dinner and we liked it. I think our tastes have changed also. I especially liked the looks of the doughnut.


  2. That donut DOES look marvelous! Eric and I don’t go out on Valentines evening either–though we do usually meet up at our favorite sub shop for Valentine’s lunch (not a lot of lovebirds celebrate Valentines with a hoagie for lunch apparently, so it’s never overly crowded). We’ve done the Papa Murphy’s Halloween pizza, but never the Valentine’s version. Maybe next year.


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