Cabin Weekend


What do you get when you combine dangerously cold temperatures, 7 girl friends, 1 cabin “up north”, and tons of delicious food? A truly memorable girls weekend.

In the middle of February, my lovely friends decided we should all spend the weekend together, tucked away in a cozy cabin on a frozen lake in Northern Minnesota. Our reason for doing so was bittersweet. Within the next few months, 3 of the 7 of our group would be beginning new adventures far away from Minnesota, getting married, starting new jobs, and finding new places to make their lives. While we are all so happy and excited for each other to begin these new adventures, it is so sad to have to say goodbye.

We made quite a weekend out of what was really less than 48 hours in our little cabin. After securing the cabin (or probably before, actually), we made sure we had a menu full of delicious food to enjoy, games to play, puzzles to solve, and things to talk about. (I don’t think we are really ever short on the food or the talking points)

I’m pretty sure we spent half of our time cooking. There was just so much good food that came out of that kitchen: Ebbelskivers, tacos, apple-baked chicken, grilled cheese, homemade bread…I really can’t even remember it all.


Of course there were plenty of selfies…



What would a trip up north be without visiting Paul Bunyan? (Incomplete. That’s what it would be.)


And of course, you can’t stay on a frozen lake without trying to drive across it. (Sorry Ali, I had to.)


Even though that didn’t work out so well for us. It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. All of the pushing and digging helped us burn off some of that delicious food we had been enjoying. It turned out that the road to get on the lake was actually down the road about 100 yards. But in our moment of need, we were reminded that there are still plenty of very good people in the world.

And we got to see this beautiful sunset.


We certainly made the most out of those 48 hours. There is so much I don’t have pictures of: egg smash roulette, the most hilarious game of headbanz, late night talks about everything, the most entertaining dinnertime conversations, and the spirit of friendship that was there.


Cheers to a weekend of memories and the best of friends.


*In case anyone is curious, Grant survived the weekend without me. Just barely though. He learned that he doesn’t like frozen chicken nuggets quite as much as he did during his bachelor days.

One thought on “Cabin Weekend

  1. Grant, is definitely getting spoiled by your caring and cooking. We could sense the friendship and love that exists between the ‘church sisters’ as we read your post.


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