First date anniversary

We celebrated the anniversary of our first date at the restaurant where we had our first date, Victory 44. Because I did a terrible job of recording the evening on my camera, I know have to work extra-hard to record it with words. We even reserved the table where we sat on our first date. We ended up sitting in the table next to the one we sat at, but no harm there.

Victory 44 is SUCH a foodie restaurant. The menu is on a chalkboard on the wall and changes daily based on the produce the chef buys that day. Also, some of the items are a bit weird, chicken liver toast anyone? Not to worry though…I can always manage to find something i’ll eat. We started with the ham and cheese tots. They don’t sound like much, but really, they were amazing, and I don’t really even like ham.


I promise someday i’ll get better at taking pictures and editing photos…

Grant got “the perfect burger” just like he did on our first date.


And I got the spaghetti squash carbonara and the most incredible roasted cauliflower I have ever had: roasted cauliflower pieces, cauliflower puree, blueberry powder, charred lemon “gel” and blueberry “gel.” It was divine.

We didn’t go to the orchestra like we did on our first date, but we made up for it by watching a movie on the couch. That might have been better anyway.

I didn’t get a picture of us (darn it), but I think this one is a good substitute. It’s us at the orchestra very early on in our courtship.

pic orchestra

I’ll never forget how shocked I was the day he asked me out on a date. It was at church on a Sunday afternoon. My stomach did a somersault when I realized what he was asking me. I had to wait an entire week…until Saturday to actually go out with him. What a week that was. I still remember how happy, excited, and brimming with anticipation I was. When it was Saturday and finally time for our date, I remember running sprinting to the elevator when he to tell me he was downstairs to pick me up. I’ll never forget the sight of him standing outside his car (even though it was at least 30 below), all dressed up, with a rose in his hands, and the sweetest smile on his face.

Oh how grateful I am that he was so patient and was such a good friend to me even before there could be anything more than that. Saying yes to that date was one of the best (and easiest) decisions I have ever made. I’ll celebrate that anniversary with him forever.

One thought on “First date anniversary

  1. Brittany, it was heartwarming to hear your side of the story because we remember well how Grant agonized as he anticipated asking you out and how he rejoiced when you said, “Yes” to his invitation. We are thrilled to have you as his wife and soulmate.


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