The Outerbanks

At the end of March, we turned a weekend into a very long weekend and met up with our dear friends, Nick and Haley for a little get-away in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. (OBX, if you’re hip and local)

Even though it was unseasonably cold-think, overcast, 45 and windy, and we were there about 2 weeks before the busy season really starts up, we had such a fun weekend.



We saw some really interesting stuff…


Our vacation rental was right on the beach. Although it was far too cold to make use of the beach, you can’t beat that view.


Don’t let those shorts fool you. That little sliver of sunshine and warmth was short-lived.


There was so much sand around and below the house that we couldn’t park in the driveway underneath without getting stuck in the sand. Kind of like getting stuck in the snow but replace the snow with sand. I can’t say that’s somethingI ever experienced growing up in North Dakota.


And you know what they say, “when the kids are away, the grown-ups will play.” Or something like that. (“Grown-ups” being a very loose term)


We had a really great experience learning about Wilbur and Orville Wright and the first flight at Kittle Hawk.




Then there was the food. Oh my gosh…the most delicious seafood. The thought of shrimp and grits had my mouth watering even before we left Minnesota.


More shrimp.


And seafood straight from the boat to the table.


Duck Donuts, anyone? (made to order, greasy, so bad for you, yet so delicious)


Despite the cold. It was a fun, lovely, relaxing weekend with the best of friends. Being married has given me some amazing, unexpected blessings like new friends who I feel like I have known and loved forever.


5 thoughts on “The Outerbanks

  1. Yay! We made the Boren blog! Take me back to the obx so I can eat that food all over again haha. We had so much fun with you two and can’t wait for the next trip! The Trujillos love the Borens!


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