March Little Things

Even though April has come and gone, I really wanted to do a “Little Things” post for March. At least I’m not doing this in June, right? I just love being able to pull together all the photos from small moments that don’t necessarily need an entire post but are still worth remembering.

The first of what will hopefully be many “baking days” with my dear friend Ali. She is very talented in the kitchen. When she opens her bakery, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.


We made cornmeal lime cookies. I loved them. Grant, not so much. That just meant more for me, right? Yep, I ate them all.


Can you guess which cookies Ali glazed and which I glazed? (Hint: Ali’s are pretty)

The annual Twin Cities Auto Show was waaay more fun than I thought it would be. We learned something about navigating an auto show though: Don’t begin in the section with the luxury cars. Those Hondas and Toyotas just won’t have the same appeal once you finally get to them.Lessons learned. (But those Jaguars and Mercedes were ah-mazing)

IMG_7671IMG_7684Look at that smile, like a kid in a candy store.


I told him he could get the truck if he really wants it. Seriously.


Because House Hunters has become one of our favorite shows, it seems only natural that we would also spend some time at the semi-annual Parade of Homes. This is the equivalent of an auto-show only for house. There are hundreds of new or newly remodeled homes around the Twin Cities to go and see. Of course all of them for sale, and of course, even though we ventured away from the bustle of the city, the homes were all really expensive. It’s so fun to look around the homes and get ideas about what we really think is important and the designs we like.


What would March be without a little St. Patrick’s day celebration? Because St. Patrick’s Day fell on a Sunday, I took some extra time to prepare a festive dinner for us: Irish Beef Stew with Cream Cheese mashed potatoes on top, and of course, I used my green Le Creuset dish from my wonderful husband. The stew was deeeeelicious.


Unfortunately for us, during March we also failed miserably in our attempt to host some new friends for Sunday dinner. A couples notes to self: 1.) make sure  you change the kitchen clocks when daylight savings time happens 2.) make sure you check the quality of your salmon before you intend to rely on it as the main attraction for your Sunday dinner. It’s a good thing our friends are so nice, and we could offer them good ice cream for dessert.

These spilled peppercorns were the perfect end to the not-so-perfect dinner hosted by the Borens.


I finally took down all the Christmas cards that were covering our fridge and the wall next to it. I just loved having all those Christmas cards up and being able to look at the faces of dear friends and family. Having them up made everyone seem not quite as far away. Fortunately with wedding and graduation season upon us, our fridge is once again being filled with beautiful, smiling faces.


Of course it snowed…


But then we went to North Carolina, and we found some amazing green grass!!


My foot = SUPER white.

If you got through all of that, you’re a champ. Let’s hope I can get a little things post up for April before this month is over!

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