We bought a boat!


Meet the U.S.S. Inflation.

Before you say anything, an inflatable boat is still a boat.

We think this might be one of the best ideas we’ve ever had. It wasn’t completely our idea though. We must give credit to Rich and Bobbie for inspiring us back when it was still far too cold to even consider the possibility of the lakes not being completely frozen.

Once the weather started warm up though, and Grant started thinking about  fishing again, we decided it was time to make our move. In exchange for a small fortune, Cabelas.com hooked us up with fly fishing supplies and…our new boat.

I was a little concerned when we first picked it up. The box was huge and heavy. Grant didn’t seem too concerned though, so I decided to feel ok about it. I’d say we both felt pretty great about it at that point.




As we prepared for our maiden voyage, I once again became somewhat  concerned. As far as I could tell, this thing was HUGE, and we were going to have to inflate it and then deflate it and pack it up every time we wanted to take it out.


If Grant would have voiced the same concerns and decided that we needed to go buy that Toyota Tacoma he is always talking about, i’m pretty sure I would have agreed, and we would have a truck right now. But thankfully he didn’t. Instead, he couldn’t have been happier figuring out how to get it all inflated and ready to go. Once it started to look like a boat, I could tell that the people walking by at Lake of the Isles thought our boat was pretty awesome. In fact, we heard a woman on her bike say just that to her companion. Surprisingly, it didn’t actually take all that long to inflate, and we were ready to go.


Oh man, we were pumped. (and yes, so was the boat #grantjokes) The maiden voyage did not disappoint.


It was pretty perfect, even though it was a little windy. After all, it was Saturday, and we were on a boat! 5 minutes from our apartment!


Look at that face. The blissful look of a new boat owner.

And of course, what would a boat ride be without a little fishing?


Fantastic idea? Absolutely.


7 thoughts on “We bought a boat!

  1. It looks terrific! It’s the beginning of many adventures/ outings. I look forward to how you cook the fish. You are such a good cook. Those inflatable items never go back in their original boxes, though It looks like it is quite compact.


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