Camping. Round Two.

Recently we set out on our second-ever camping trip. This time however, we decided it would be more fun with company, so we invited our new friends the Cobells. Like the first time, we stopped for dinner on the way up. I know this really isn’t the full “camping” experience and probably at least a little bit humorous, but when you leave after work on Friday and have to set everything up once you get there, tin foil dinners cooked over a fire just don’t have the same appeal. So, we compromised with a fun little restaurant that had great reviews located in a tiny town along the way there.

A few days before our camping adventure, I realized we needed a certain item to really complete the experience for everyone. And fortunately, Amazon Prime could get it here in two days, so without any hesitation, I ordered…a selfie stick. After having it for about a month now, it has come to be one of the best $20 purchases i’ve ever made. The proof lies in the pictures…

We ended up camping in Wisconsin because there weren’t any drive-in campsites (I know, hardcore) available within an hour of Minneapolis. I think we are all pretty happy it worked out that way because we ended up in a really beautiful location. Emily and Jesse (the Cobells) are from Washington (the state) and the said it looked like we were out there.

The boys expertly put up the tent for all of us.


We went for a short, sunset hike that was really spectacular.


A camping trip is never complete without a fire and s’mores. Also headlamps that make your nose glow red are a must.


Unfortunately it rained on us quite a bit the next morning, so we had to delay all the hiking we wanted to do. It really wasn’t that bad though because we had delicious Scandinavian donuts to help us wait out the weather.


Once the rain finally stopped, we got to go on a few short hikes that were really incredible.


There are a lot of glacier “pot holes” in the rock along the river. The pot holes were formed by round boulders that would grind the rock in a circular motion when the area was covered in a glacier. (Or something like that) Some are massive, and some are quite small. This one is sort of medium-sized.


In case you didn’t know, lush, green vegetation inspires deep thinking.


The mixture of rocks, trees, and so much green was really beautiful.




We even got some people on this river boat to wave to us.


We were really surprised to find a Transformer in the rocks.


Despite the rain, we had a really great time hiking. Perhaps we will even get in a second camping adventure this year??


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