Visit From The Borens

In June, we were lucky enough to get a visit from Grant’s wonderful parents. It was really fun to have them here and to spend a little time showing them around our city. Although, they actually did quite a bit to show themselves around the city while we were at work. They went on a really great bus tour and came back telling us all about the things they learned while they were on their tour. After we heard about all the places they visited on their tour, we realized that we had to scratch a few ideas off our lists because they had already been there and done that.

We decided to check out the Mill City Museum, which turned out to be really fun. It was so great I decided that we needed to buy a Minnesota Historical Society pass, so we now we have a better excuse to visit all the awesome historical sites around the state AND we can take friends. (Split Rock Lighthouse anyone?)

At the Mill City Museum, we learned all about the growth of Minneapolis and the history of the flour mills in the city. The museum has a really fun blend of things for adults and kids.



We also got to take in some really pretty views from the top of the flour mill.


A visit with us always requires learning about the fun and intricacies of a selfie stick. (Don’t hate it ’till you try it. I promise i’ll make you a selfie-stick believer. They’re just SO handy.)


Visiting the St. Paul Temple and the park where we had our wedding reception and ring ceremony was really great. The sky was so blue!


And of course, we had to take them to some of our favorite restaurants: Bar La Grassa and Brasa. (Similar names, NOT similar food.) I didn’t take any more pictures, but maybe that was because we were having too much fun to stop and remember to take pictures.

Sunday also happened to be Father’s Day and a week before Grant’s father’s birthday, so we celebrated accordingly with hamburger steaks; potatoes & gravy; trifle, and some lemon meringue pie. (His favorite.)

Also on Sunday evening, the singer/vocalist, Alex Boye came to Minneapolis and shared some of his spiritual conversion at a fireside at our church building. It was really great. Not only is he so funny and so entertaining, but he is British, so he has the most amazing accent. I was instantly hooked. He finished the fireside with the most incredible, powerful, and moving rendition of “How Great Thou Art” I have ever heard. I cried. I couldn’t help it. Those words. His voice. The air was so full of love while he was singing. You can listen to him sing a really cool African/English version here.

We had such a wonderful time with Grant’s parents. We are so grateful for the time we had to spend with them. We are so grateful for our friends and family who are able to visit us when we are so far away.


3 thoughts on “Visit From The Borens

  1. Brittany, you are so kind as to say such wonderful things about us. It was our dream fulfilled to come and visit you and Grant at your home. We were overjoyed to see so much happiness in your home, We loved every moment in Minneapolis and seeing the historical sites. Thank you for welcoming us! Love, Dad and Mom Boren


    • How fun is that?! I just love those people, they are so great. And grant has the perfect “museum stance” haha! I was so anti selfie stick until you brought it here and now I think I for sure need one!


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