Catching Up (Part 1)

I can tell this little blog actually means something to Grant because when I go too long without posting anything, he starts asking if I’m going to write another blog post soon. It truly warms my heart to know that he appreciates our little space on the Internet even when I might act like I don’t. (But I promise, I really do). I told him it’s been so long (yes, 5 months) that I don’t even know where to start. His reply: “You’ve got to start somewhere.” So, that’s where i’m starting, somewhere after our last post about a Sota Sisters wedding/reunion in Utah in mid-summer. I’m hoping to post a few “catching up” posts in the coming weeks, and then be ready to actually post about our lives in a much more contemporaneous way. I’ve noticed lately that I haven’t been so good about taking pictures of the everyday things, and I’m quite certain that’s because blogging has taken a back seat. I’m hoping that getting back in the blogging saddle will fix that. So without further adieu…the remainder of Summer 2015.

4th of July

We were so excited that my sister Mackenzie was going to be with us to celebrate the Fourth of July in Wisconsin. After her train arrived something like 8 hours late (after what is only supposed to be an 8-or-so hour voyage…), we headed over to Wisconsin for the weekend. It was a wonderful weekend of fishing, boating, delicious food, and good company, which made going back to work even more disappointing.



(I HATE holding the fish)



Grandma & Grandpa!

My grandma and grandpa got tickets to see the Twins-Yankees game in Minneapolis, and we got to be their chauffeurs to the game. Before the game they spent some time at our apartment and even took their first selfies.



Aren’t they the cutest?

Utah and Yellowstone

At the end of July, we traveled to Utah for the first-ever Boren Family Reunion. It was such a fun time. I got to meet the rest of my Boren-Family nieces and nephews, spend time with my oh-so-amazing sisters-in-law, and they are all just so so great. I could not have asked for a better family to marry into. I really loved how much we took advantage of the amazing hiking opportunities in both Utah and Yellowstone. It was just so fun to spend time getting to know everyone better in such magnificent and beautiful places. Heading into the experience, I didn’t know what to expect from Yellowstone, but any expectations I had were blown away. It is a really really lovely place.


While we were in Utah, we also got to catch up with some dear friends. It’s so wonderfully refreshing to have friends with whom you just pick up right where you left off, despite the distance and time between visits. It’s so wonderful, and i’m so grateful for our wonderful families and friends.


That selfie stick sure came in handy this summer.

3 thoughts on “Catching Up (Part 1)

  1. Darling pictures! You have such great pictures of Yellowstone, fishing, hiking and friends. We are so glad to see you blog again. What big fish you have! Your grandparents are the cutest! Emma was captured in all her glory.


  2. Just checking in to let you know Grant isn’t the only one who enjoys your updates. (being the husband of an avid blogger I’m constantly reminded that comments are like currency to her)


  3. Just reading these and can’t believe I haven’t sooner! I love you guys and your blog and of course the selfie stick! The Trujillo family is honored to be featured in a selfie!


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