Catching up (part 3)

The third and final leg of our little catching up series takes us through the holidays and the end of 2015.

Let’s just say I started out this part of the year scoring some MAJOR wife points. Accompanying your husband to the Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee when you are vehemently opposed to him owning a motorcycle will do that. I think I need to remind of this gesture of love more often…

From the Harley Davidson Museum we continued on to the Land of Lincoln (or is it really?) for a short stay in Illinois. The fall colors were still really lovely, the sun shine was magnificent, we got to spend time with friends and family, and you just can’t go to Chicago-land without enjoying some Portillo’s Italian Beef.


We got to spend Thanksgiving in North Dakota this year. We are grateful that we have family that lives close enough that we can get there by an only-kind-of long-car trip. We spent Thanksgiving in North Dakota last year, and we were reminiscing on how absolutely freezing it was at that time last year, but there wasn’t a flake of snow to be shoveled or sub-zero temperature to be had this year!


Shortly after Thanksgiving, we got our first dusting of snow in Minneapolis. The first snowfall never fails to feel so magical and lovely.

Continuing the travel streak, I took a work trip out to California. My purpose was more or less to be a glorified paper organizer, but I was grateful for the opportunity. It was a quick trip, which was kind of nice, and it was a great learning opportunity, so i’ll take it. Unfortunately it wasn’t too warm in Los Angeles (like 40 degrees and windy) which was a bummer, but there was still plenty of green and sunshine, which was wonderful.

I really really really love Christmastime. It feels like everyone is just a little more joyful, hopeful, kind, and festive during this time of year, and I can’t help but really get into it. One Saturday while Grant was away, I decided that I was going decorate our apartment for Christmas. I thought it would be really nice to have a nice pot of evergreen boughs or something that would at least be somewhat reminiscent of a Christmas tree. I decided to go check out a Christmas tree market near our apartment, and that’s where the best thing ever happened…I bought a REAL Christmas tree. I’ve never had a real Christmas tree before, but now I totally understand why people do it. The smell of evergreen was intoxicating and overcoming in all the best ways. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of Christmas trees! Among the hundreds of big, beautiful, never-in-a-million-years-going-to-fit-in-our-car-trees, there were just a few smaller, 4-5 foot trees that would fit perfectly in our home and in the trunk. So I took the plunge and bought the tree. I was SO giddy. I’m not sure i’ve ever been that excited, at least that’s what it felt like at the time. I had to call my mom and tell her what i’d just done because I was just SO excited. Then I went a little crazy with the decorations in our apartment. And let’s just saw when Grant came home to the surprise, he LOVED it.


We got to spend Christmas with all our family in Utah. I’ve never been there over the holidays, and let’s just say that seeing beautifully snow-dusted mountains at Christmastime was nothing short of magical. I just love looking at those mountains, and with a little bit of snow? Amazing. We were there a whole week, and it was a busy one. We  were so fortunate to see and spend time with so much family and so many good friends. We even got to be at Dan’s (Grant’s cousin) wedding, which was so fun and beautiful. Of course we ate as much Cafe Rio as we could and even bought some stuff at the BYU book store. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Over the New Year holiday, we completed the family visit circuit with a trip to Illinois. It was a nice, relaxing weekend after so much traveling in the past two months. The drive down was really lovely with all the perfectly-frosted trees, and while we were there, we even went to the Field Museum, which is totally out of character for us, but it was really fun! Also, I got a new selfie stick…so look out.

And there we go! Happy 2016. Now i’m technically only a month behind.

2 thoughts on “Catching up (part 3)

  1. What about taking your (Brittany’s) picture in the motorcycle cut-out next time? Loved the Christmas decorations in your apartment! And we loved being with you over Christmas!


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