Father’s Day Weekend 2017

Father’s Day weekend may have been the best weekend our family has ever had. (I’d probably be more certain of that if I’d been keeping up with memories on this blog). It was one of those weekends where time passed so slowly. You could really pause in the moment to reflect on how good it all felt. Grant traveled Monday through Thursday for work, and he would be traveling a bit the next week, so I think we were extra-determined to make the weekend a good one. And a good one it was.

Friday actually started with a bust-The Stone Arch Bridge festival that said it started on Friday but hadn’t actually started yet. One music tent and a couple food vendors does not qualify, especially when you have to walk through hundreds of not-yet-open tents to get to the few that are open. We did however handover a few bucks to play an oddly satisfying game of driving a large nail into an old tree trunk stump. Grant’s coworker joined us, and in case anyone is wondering, yes, I won. I also paid for all of us to play, so maybe I shouldn’t be so pleased with my win.

On Saturday we checked out the Mill City Farmer’s Market, and it was so great! Basically I wanted to buy one of everything that all the food vendors were selling, so naturally I didn’t buy anything, but the breakfast tacos and chocolate croissants looked delicious. Emily was in Heaven looking at all the puppos while we sat on the steps overlooking the river. I even went for a run after we got back from the farmers market and discovered a new park and destination for our walks.

Father’s Day necessitates a trip to the local fly shop, and Bob Mitchell’s Fly Shop in St. Paul did not disappoint. Grant looked at back/fanny pack (but obviously way cooler than a normal fanny pack) that he’s been wanting forever and FINALLY decided to pull the trigger! That’s what a big fat paycheck after nearly a year of no pay will do to you 🙂 He’s now trying to figure out all the ways he can use it other than fly fishing since he wasn’t able to bring his fishing stuff along to Minneapolis.

We were extra spoiled on Saturday with tickets to the Twins game, courtesy of Grant’s company. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and Emily even behaved for a good while.



On Sunday we kept Emily home from church because of a cough that we didn’t think anyone would want their children to get. Because Emily usually ends up with (aka takes) toys that aren’t hers, this seemed like a pretty high possibility, so we took shifts at church at home, and Emily was able to take her morning nap and keep her cough to herself.

Father’s Day had a few fun little surprises for Grant: a jug of the most delicious chocolate milk, Manchego cheese, guacamole, “dad jokes” tshirts, and a photo book. The afternoon was so warm and sunny. Our walk took us to the park I discovered the day before. We sat in the grass and did our best to encourage Emily to walk between us. Not much success there (she is a stubborn girl), but the sunshine felt wonderful.

At dinner Emily reminded us how much she loves avocados.



Definitely a weekend to remember.


One thought on “Father’s Day Weekend 2017

  1. In her eating of avocados her grandpa thinks that she resembles his eating habits. She certainly knows how to get to the bottom of a food.


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