Life Lately

  1. Emily *might* be getting sweeter. She’s still as sassy and as stubborn as ever, but she’s started to pause for a quiet moment between bouts of sass, and it’s probably the cutest, sweetest thing. She just lays her head on our shoulder. It lasts anywhere from 2-30 seconds, and we can’t get enough of it.IMG_3675 (1)
  2. Walking. Emily is soooooo close to walking. She can stand on her own (but gets really nervous when she realizes she’s standing alone) and walk barely holding just one hand. In some ways I think it will be much easier if she can walk, but I also know I’ll have to do even more baby chasing. Also that means she’s growing up more. I recently read this article, and I just don’t know if my heart can handle all this growing up she’s doing.  IMG_5933
  3. Fire drills. We’ve lived here a whole 6 weeks, and the fire alarm has already gone off twice. The first time, which I think I already wrote about, was at 2:00 am during our first night here, and we ended up being locked out of our apartment for the next hour and half. The second, happened around 6:00 pm on an evening when Grant was out of town for work. Naturally, Emily was ready to take a bath, but we headed down the hundreds of stairs and joined the few neighbors who also decided to vacate. We got to watch all the firefighters with their equipment and giant suits.
  4. Yogurt is obviously a finger food. Spoons are overrated, but we are working on it.
  5. Trips to the library. There really aren’t a ton of kid-friendly places downtown. Or if there are, I haven’t discovered them, but we like to head to the library once a week for some play time and some new board books. Sometimes there are other kids there for her to play with. I felt so bad the last time we went and it was closing in 10 minutes. Mom guilt.
  6. Talise visited from Arizona! She just needed to cool off a bit from the 115 degree weather. We met up with her and Alison for lunch at a random restaurant in Uptown, and it was some of the BEST food I’ve ever had: pear and brie panini; pulled pork pizza, and BANANA BREAD PUDDING. IMG_5587
  7. Summer BBQ. Provided by our building management. Emily (and Grant) got to sit in a fire truck. And we got free dinner 🙂
  8. Farmer’s Market Tradition. There is a Saturday Farmer’s market nearby that we’ve been going to every week for the past few weeks. Sometimes we get breakfast (or a breakfast treat). We always like to survey all the vendors and avoid eye contact with the people selling the overly-priced hipster items and talk about how we’d like to have our quiver of future children (:-)) sell produce at a farmer’s market. And of course, Emily likes to oogle at all the puppos.
  9. My new dishwasher helper. It’s a good thing we have like 4 plates and 6 bowls because emptying the dishwasher takes 5x as long now that Emily has figured out she can help with pulling out the silverware. Of course I think it’s the cutest. Naturally, last week I felt super guilty after I emptied the dishwasher while she was napping. More mom guilt.
  10. Church is tough right now. Emily is a typical toddler. Read: mobile and completely unreasonable. She hasn’t quite reached 18 months when she can join all the other toddlers in the nursery, so we just take turns chasing her around and pulling her away from getting into everyone else’s stuff. Two weeks ago she was miraculously so good, I thought she might even fall asleep on the floor (ha!).
  11. Just a little bit of life lately!

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